Mailing Lists

Your Local Maple Shade, Camden and Burlington Counties and South Jersey Print and Business Specialist.
image The most important part of any mailing is the list. No matter how good your offer is: how terrific the mailing piece, how much teaser copy you place on the outside, it is all for Naught unless the list is correct and is the very best list available for your purposes. Over 70% of the success of any mailing is the list! As specialists, SBSC will provide you with exactly what you need for your campaign. We offer very competitive prices. Free list research, expert advise, and consultation. Data is always correct, updated monthly. This means virtually no Nixies (non-deliverables). Guaranteed 98% delivery to the addressee. Worldwide access to every conceivable list from anchor manufacturers to Zebra Keepers, new businesses, churches, new homeowners, opportunity seekers, bankruptcies, we have all of them. Lists with phone numbers, e-mails, faxes, over 50,000 lists available.