Mailing Services

Your Local Maple Shade, Camden and Burlington Counties and South Jersey Print and Business Specialist.
image At SBSC, successful mailings and service is our number one priority. We offer a 100% No Excuse guarantee. We get things done perfectly the first time or the next job is FREE! All jobs up to 100,000 pieces are completed and at the post office within 24 to 48 hours.

Bulk (standard) Mail

SBSC has over 10,000 square feet of space devoted to the printing and preparation of commercial mail from postcards to catalogs. We can prepare your mail in an expert fashion. We have a full line of inserters, folders, tabbers, and ink jet printers to give you expert service. Our services include: Mailing lists supplied files and labels; list entry, maintenance, and storage. Standard (bulk) mailings collate, staple, insert, seal, bind, meter, stamp, fold, affix labels, and deliver to Post Office. Use of bulk postage permits, application assistance and implementation direction; customized distribution programs, rate sheets, and discounts on repeat mailings. For profit, non-profit, and multiple permit levels. First-class and Pre Sort Mailings, pre sort rates, bulk mail compilation; formatting, distribution. Zip code verification and bar code impression. Mailing labels or direct-impressive printing created for distribution press on mailing labels and/or direct envelop mailer impression. Rates based on volume. Mailing List Maintenance- professional management of bulk mail lists and address databases including merge and purge; maintenance for multiple mailings or repeat distribution.

Postcard and Publication Mailing Services

Postcards, publications, pamphlets, flyers and order forms are envelope-less mailings that can provide your business with a very economical and effective way to promote your specific products and services. At SBSC, we can create various publication programs for your company with varying levels of targeted marketing. From one time mailings to weekly advertisements.

Custom Mailing Services

Businesses that offer diverse products and services often need to distribute a myriad of products to various locations worldwide. Often the only conformity among these mailings is the return address. This is not a problem for SBSC. We offer mailing paradigms designed for your company. Regardless of package size, weight, shape, quantity, or shipping location, we will design a program that meets your needs, large or small. All of our work is 100% guaranteed. Most mailings are completed and at the Post Office in 24 to 48 hours.