image Edison Campbell of SBSC has a unique knack of getting past the gate keepers and getting us a seat in front of the decision makers. He is excellent with follow-up and continues to keep prospects engaged with additional phone calls and e-mails. One very large client of ours, obtained through SBSC, commented at the outset of our meeting that he was amazed at how we obtained the meeting. He recalled the conversation he had with Edison and then proceeded to listen intently as we presented our company capabilities and asked for his business. Shortly after our meeting, we were presented an opportunity to work in one of his buildings and we continue to do so today. That account generated over $80,000 in the first 12 mos. of service and has been active with us since October of 2012.
Bob Young - Oliver Mechanical
We ordered most of our marketing materials from SBSC and one of it was a Giant Plastic Dinosaur cutout for our company. Not knowing what to expect, we were consulted by John and was reassured that it will turn out well and that the colors will look great. When it was delivered, we could not have asked for a more beautiful and accurate print. John and his staff went out of their way to make sure we were happy with the print that we got.